We want to see all our customers satisfied with their purchase! We hope our products will never disappoint you and you will always be our customer. According to the rules, you can return your purchase within 45 days after its purchase (the date your order was shipped). Refunds will be made for the cost of the item itself, excluding shipping and handling charges. Shipping costs will only be refunded if you receive an item with a factory defect or the wrong item. Refunds are made within 14 days after checking the goods for damage and integrity! Promotional goods and goods sold as a set are returned in proportion to the value of the goods and must be sent in the appropriate packaging.

For convenience and speed up the process of returning goods, put the documents in the package inside the product. Reception of returns and unpacking is carried out in our warehouse. If, upon acceptance of the return, damage to the goods or traces of use of the goods are found, then the goods cannot be returned. The commission for the return of suitcases is the equivalent of 15 USD. For the return of travel accessories, the equivalent of 10 USD. When sending a return, please send an email to our mail [email protected] Indicating the number of your order and the number of sending the parcel and indicating the reason for the return! Upon receipt of the order, please track the status of the delivery of your parcel. Upon receipt of the e-delivered status, please look at the area near your apartment or house, the entrance, the entrance to the courtyard, the places where mail is received. Courier services are not always able to get through to the recipient.

All our products are of good quality, so each suitcase is of very high quality and has a 2-year manufacturer's warranty. This warranty for each defect is related to the production of the products.

The warranty entitles you to free repair or product replacement. If necessary, we will give you spare parts for replacement and repair, and we will make every effort to repair your luggage.

Warranty or post-warranty repair is carried out by us in our warranty center. To apply, fill out a letter in any form indicating the model, date of sale, order number, and attach a photo of the defect and suitcase. Send to [email protected]

We hope that you will not need the information on this page and you will become our satisfied customer.